FULL SAMPLER 100% merino wool


Merino wool sample

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Merino Wool Full Sampler

100% merino

Here you can buy full sampler of all available colors of merino wool, from which we make covers, shorts, longies as well as woolen clothing and accessories. We hope that thanks to this the choice of colors for your diaper will be easier :)

The price applies to all available colors, it may change depending on the number of available wool colors.


The currently available merino wool colors can be found HERE

About us!

Nishove wool products are designed and made in Poland from Italian merino wool, which is characterized by extraordinary softness and delicacy.
The knitwear we use for production comes from our own knitting place!


NOTE! We do not guarantee the availability of a given color after 3 days of receiving the samples.

Samples are non-returnable.

Additional information

Additional information

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