My name is Sylwia and I create the Nishove brand. I am giving you what I like to wear most in the world – everyday clothing made of merino wool. I choose yarn colors. I create projects and sew prototypes. I watch over your orders. Thank you for being here :)

How are Nishove made?


Our knitted fabrics are made of yarns from so-called “stocks” – these are post-production ends from large factories. This method of obtaining raw materials is consistent with the “less waste” ideology, which is one of the foundations of the Nishove brand.


I am proud that our knitwear is made in our own family knitting factory. Each meter of fabric is knitted with a specific product from our collection in mind.


I design clothes and accessories myself, although often with your help :) In addition to implementing my ideas, I do not shy away from individual orders. So if you have an idea in your head, don’t be afraid to write to me – I will be happy to make your woolen dream come true!


The icing on the cake is the fact that all Nishove products are made in our personal, intimate studio near Toruń. So we can safely say that Nishove is undoubtedly a 100% POLISH BRAND! By purchasing our products, you support a small, local business in which we put our whole hearts. In return, you receive from us the highest quality, one-of-a-kind merino wool products.

Nishove, merino clothes made in Poland