Q: How can I become a Magabi distributor?

A: First, please fill regisrtiation form, which you can find here: REGISTRATION FORM

We will verify your data and create an account for you. We will send the login instructions to the e-mail address provided in the form. From now on, you can place orders :)


Q: How do I place an order?

A: You have two options to choose from – individual order or ordering products from stock. These orders should not be combined, as ordering products not available immediately may delay shipment significantly. It is possible to combine orders from the stock with individual orders – for this purpose please contact us (b2b@magabi.pl)


Q: How can I distinguish between products available on stock and those available to order?

A: The store has separate menu for the stock and individual orders. In addition products available immediately have the word “STOCK” in the name.


Q: What discounts can you get?

A: For orders:

  •     up to EUR 1000* you get a 22% discount
  •     up to 2000* EUR you will get a 25% discount
  •     above 2000* EUR a 28% discount applies

*the amount in the cart


Q: Do the prices include VAT tax?

A: The prices visible in the store are netto retail prices, and the discount is calculated in the order summary. Pricelist: LINK


Q: Can I place several orders to finally get a bigger discount?

A: It is possible to suspend the shipment and combine orders (e.g. shipment of goods purchased during the entire month) – it is beneficial, because the discount is calculated based on the sum of orders from one shipment. The invoice will be sent directly before shipment. If you choose the “open package” option, please let us know in the comments section in checkout.


Q: Is there a logistical minimum (individual orders only)?

A: The logistic minimum is valid only for custom orders. The minimum amount of one product in an order is 5 pieces. In case of ordering a smaller quantity, the price of the product will be increased by 10%.


Q: Do you offer free shipping?

A: We provide free shipping for orders above 1000EUR – with discount included (within EU countries only).


Q: Do you have suggested retail prices for selling your products?

A: You can check our prices on www.magabi.pl, but when setting prices in your stores, keep in mind that VAT in Poland on nappies is 5% – so you should not suggest our retail prices, but base on your own margin.


Q: How long will I wait for the order to be processed?

A: Orders from the warehouse are sent immediately after receiving the payment or confirmation of the transfer. The time of individual orders is determined after receiving the order – this time should not exceed 8 weeks.


Q: So what to do to maintain the continuity of deliveries (for individual orders)?

A: Most of our suppliers place a symbolic order once a month to “stand in the queue” – thanks to this, their orders are carried out cyclically.


Q: What is a symbolic order (for individual orders)?

A: This is an order for 1 random product. Then, shortly before processing the order, we will contact you to arrange the details. This solution allows you to adjust the order to your current needs and to the currently available designs.


Q: How will I know that the order completion date is approaching (for individual orders)?

A: Yes, you can change your order until the order is processed. You can also place an additional order – in this case, enter the main order number in the comments to the order. We also allow the possibility to cancel the entire order and place it again if the changes are large.


Q: How will I know when the due date is approaching?

A: We will contact you 1-2 weeks before the order is processed. Then you will be able to place an official order.


Q: When do I need to pay my order?

A: Payment for the order should be made on the basis of a VAT invoice. The invoice will be issued at the end of the month and will include all orders for the month and a correspondingly high discount. We do not charge prepayments and advances.
On request, we send an invoice after each individual order – please contact us in this matter (b2b@magabi.pl).

Q: My order is “On hold (Pending payment)”, should I pay for it?

A: No, this status is automatically assigned to all new orders. Do not worry about it :)